To ensure complete security and confidentiality of information, Acroseas complies with the security measures of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). We keep every patient’s Protected Health Information (PHI) private, secure and confidential. To ensure stringent security measures are in place, Acroseas has taken the following steps:

•    A nondisclosure agreement is signed with the client, assuring them protection of patient information and other details. A confidentiality agreement with the company is signed by all our employees.

•    We have implemented a formal policy to ensure that the medium containing the Personal Health Information of the patients is protected and the executive in charge is aware of his/ her responsibilities under the HIPAA regulations. The staff/ employees are trained specifically to carry out their duties in line with HIPAA.

•    Data transfer is carried via secured and encrypted channels. Password-protected FTP sites are used for secured encrypted web transmission of data.

•    Software and applications used are HIPAA compliant.

•    Senior employees are assigned to protect the data (patient information) as well as training/ updating the staff regarding new HIPAA rules/ regulations.

•    We have multiple access levels for workstations based on the employee’s role in the organization.

•    Each employee has been assigned a separate login password, thereby protecting the confidentiality of the assigned files.

•    The employees are not allowed to bring any floppies, CDs etc. inside the production unit nor are they allowed to take any books or CDs out from the production unit.

•    We constantly update our workstations for protection against any virus attack.

•    Any infringement of rules by any of the employees invites strict disciplinary action, including termination of employment.

•    We have electronic backup of Patient Health Information. None of the transcripts are archived as hard copies.

•    Secure Repository: employees deposit their baggage with the company before entering the production area. Baggage is thoroughly checked before and after the production time. An employee found with any external storage media or any suspicious information is immediately terminated. Employees agree to complete body frisk upon entering and leaving the production area. No unauthorized person is allowed to enter the production area. No mobile phones with cameras are allowed in the production area.

•    We use the latest antivirus, antispyware, and firewall for network protection.

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