We place utmost emphasis on the highest levels of quality. Our quality policy is guided by our quest to continuously improve on our quality standards, ensuring consistent accuracy in healthcare documentation.

•    Accuracy improvement target will be set for each employee in conjunction with his/ her immediate supervisor.

•    Each Medical Transcriptionist (MT) will work towards established performance standard; i.e., percentage of jobs sent for forced proofreading, overall accuracy score, etc.

•    The Quality Analyst (QA) staff will give the daily feedback to the MTs about their performance.

•    The Quality Control (QC) staff will give daily feedback to QAs. Feedback will cover the key areas of accuracy, performance, line-count, etc.

•    The team leader will assess each MT in the work group to set individual monthly goals for accuracy and productivity.

•    Daily feedback regarding accuracy rate and specific transcription errors are shared with individual MT to help them chart their progress towards the desired goal.

•    Questions or concerns regarding the daily reports may be resolved by the team leader and the Director of Professional Practices.

•    Monthly reports are generated to summarize and quantify the information, which is collected daily.

•    New employees are proofread until their team leader determines that they are producing correctly formatted work at 98.8% or higher accuracy.

•    Failure to achieve 98.8% accuracy for two consecutive pay periods may result in the MT being put on probation. Failure to achieve 98.8% accuracy by the end of the period of probation may result in dismissal.

•    The AAMT Book of Style will be used as a reference guide for formats and style questions. Each MT is required to refer to this book and other specified reference books depending on account assignment. Examples include: Stedman’s Medical Equipment Words, Stedman’s Radiology and Oncology Words, Stedman’s Abbreviations, Stedman’s Surgery Words, Stedman’s Medical & Surgical Words, Stedman’s Pathology & Lab Medicine Words.

•    The current pharmaceutical reference spell-check program, grammar- check program, and instant text are included at the Acroseas workstations.

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